Individual and team coaching

Increasing productivity can take place at different levels in your business. Here is our main offer. Call us, we will adapt our offer to your needs.

Individual coaching

How to position yourself as a leader, Speaking in front of an audience, Communicating a vision, Facilitating change within the business
How to deal with a team and position yourself, Take up new managerial duties, Enable workforce transformation, Communicate efficiently, Adopt the right managerial style, Motivate a team

Improving time management and priorities, Improving professional efficiency, Becoming an efficient communicator, Improving self-confidence in order to efficiently wrap up a contract

Team coaching

Optimising team work, Team building, Conflict resolution, Using the Google Suite within the company, Wrapping up a contract (sales team)


Optimizing communication, Dealing with stress

We adapt to your needs. Contact us by email or call us (0472) 633 475

During our first meeting we draw together an overview of the current situation and assess together the needs of your company. This first intervention is free of charge. 

Marie Peeters

With a 12-year experience in business and 15 years in training and support (in Belgium and abroad) I have become a certified coach specialised in business and its numerous aspects.

I worked in several sectors such as the legal sector in which I still work today as a recognised mediator.

In the energy sector I supported stock market introduction as well as department organisation with its trainings, human resources and recruitment operations.

Holding a Master's degree and a Doctorate degree in International Relations I volunteered in an NGO for a couple of years doing geopolitical research.

I also taught future young entrepreneurs business classes and today I am the partner of companies towards more profitability through their human capital.